Tinusaur Bundle Starter 3 EDU


This is the Tinusaur Bundle Starter 3 EDU – a starter bundle that has everything you need to start with microcontrollers.

The bundle includes:

- Tinusaur Board 3 STD – the main board with the ATtiny85 microcontroller on it.
- Tinusaur Shield LEDx2 – an add-on board with 2 LEDs and 2 resistors on it.
- Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO – an addon board with 4 essential components on it: LED, photoresistor, buzzer, button.
- USBasp programmer – to be used to upload the code from your computer to the microcontroller.

IMPORTANT: This is a kit, you have to assemble it yourself.

More information about this product is also available at Tinusaur Bundle Starter 3 EDU page.