Tinusaur Starter EDU Generation-4


NEW! Tinusaur Starter EDU is a set of 3 electronic boards, one of which has a microcontroller (a type of microprocessor), and the other two are additional boards with various electronic components on them, such as LEDs, photosensor, button, and buzzer. The kit also includes a USB programmer, as well as a prefabricated wooden stand for assembled boards and projects.

Package contents

  1. Tinusaur Main Board
    Tinusaur microcontroller board with ATtiny85 on it (1 MHz, 8-bit RISK CPU, 8KB Flash, 512B RAM, 512B EEPROM) along with all electronic components for its stable operation, battery, and programming connector;
  2. Tinusaur Shield LEDx2
    Additional shield board with 2 LEDs, 2 resistors, and headers;
  3. Tinusaur Shield EDUx3IO
    Additional shield board with LED, photoresistor, buzzer button, 2 resistors, and headers;
  4. Wooden Stand
    Prefabricated wooden stand for the assembled boards and projects;
  5. USB programmer
    USBasp programmer with a cable.

More information about the product: Tinusaur Starter EDU