The Tinusaur is an educational platform and set of tools that focus on programming, robotics, and electronics and applying modern learning methods in an effort to present science and technology in an interesting and entertaining way to the students. It is a mixture of software and hardware. Here it is described in 3 simple steps: (1) you assemble your hardware yourself by soldering your board; then (2) you learn how to program it using puzzle-like blocks; then (3) you learn how to write C code.

After that, your imagination is the limit.

The Tinusaur project and its tools are currently being used in universities, schools, and other educational initiatives all around the world.

The Tinusaur project consists of (1) microcontroller boards with add-ons that come as a kit that you assemble yourself; (2) software – as sample code, drives for sensors and other peripherals; (3) blocks-based web development environment called Blocktinu that could generate real C programming language source code; (4) learning materials such as guides, tutorials, lessons, videos, etc.; (5) services, like training for educators and learners, and support for the community.

The Tinusaur is an open source project – the software and the hardware along with most of the tools and the materials. That makes it ideal for use by volunteers and enthusiast around the world.

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